Love is a beautiful thing

My heart beats so much it hurts

I’ve crossed the line

I need you

You need me

We are all a part of God’s body

I love you

I want you

You want me

Love is a beautiful thing

Love is bitter-sweet


What will they say?

What will they say ?

What if ?

What will they think?

Can i please them?

Will they think I’m being proper?

But i like my energy

Will they like it too?

What’s your business if they like it or not

Can they add a minute to your set life-span on earth? The answer is NO

Can they feed you when you’re hungry? The answer is NO

Will they answer your prayers? The answer is NO

Will they die for you? The answer is still NO

Why worry?

Who cares?

Chop life

Be yourself

Be true to you

Don’t let anyone scare you

Who are they ?

Just ask yourself that question and you will understand my point.

Come on

O ga o

People be saying you have to be positive and all

Abeg what’s all that?

I’m not saying you should be negative

Definitely not

But please just do you

I’m negative too

I’m not just positive

Because life can be shitty

And I’m only human

You see

Negativity is part of the positive

Have you ever heard this thing about the good in the bad and the bad in the good ?

What I’m saying is it’s okay to be free and wild

You are Yahweh

You are Yahweh

You are Yahweh

Alpha and Omega

He is the Lord

He is the beginning and the end

He is

My God is

There is no other

I am blessed

Because he lives

My God is a good God

I am blessed

Spirit of God move


It’s a Dream

Wake me up

Or I’m having one of those nightmares

This feels good

Sauce dripping

I think I’m happy

I’m happy

What a great man

He’s smile is everything

What a large heart

He holds me with all the care

He’s not even my relative